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EYE See Clinic

EYE See Clinic is a division of Near Vision Institute. EYE See Clinic provides clinical services throughout Washington State, USA. We operate a mobile vision clinic visiting schools to provide students with essential access to eye exams and eyeglasses necessary for their learning. We operate a Bellevue, WA base-clinic providing therapeutic interventions for vision related learning dysfunctions.


  • School-Based Eye Exams
  • Functional Vision Evaluations
  • Pediatric Eyeglasses
  • Remote Intervention Technology
  • Medicaid / Apple Health
  • Bellevue Base
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EYE Exams

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Learn how EYE See Clinic can help kids see.

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Patients / Parents / Students

Learn more about our services to students at schools. Whether there is an upcoming event at your school. Learn about vision conditions that can make learning in school difficult. Find information regarding consent forms, medicaid, insurance, fees, and directions to our Bellevue base. We also maintain a doctor locator service to help you connect with local eye doctors in your area.

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Are you a school nurse, social worker, or teacher? Learn more about our school-based optometry services and how to apply for a possible event at your school. We also provide resources on vision screenings, referrals to local providers, and education about vision issues impacting student learning.

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Eye Doctors

Join our doctor locator service so patients and schools can know of your services. Learn how you can make a referral to EYE See Clinic for your patients with learning related vision dysfunctions. Learn about collaboration and co-management via the EYE Toolbox system. Access continuing education opportunities.

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Eye Exams for School Children since 2022

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